The BreakAway Approach

Review. Assess. Optimize.

Imagine you could cherry pick the top sport scientists, coaches and analysts to support your club–that's BreakAway. We are a performance, analytics and innovation company.

BreakAway Solution

Personalized Development at Scale

Data and tech overload? There’s an endless array of technology, data and programs to develop athletes. Assessing which ones to use, putting them together, and communicating their value is difficult for a team of any size. We vet the technology. We select and integrate the winners best for your system. Then, we provide the necessary tools that allow your team to extract the intended value–actionable information that guides an athlete throughout his career.

BreakAway delivers information in language and visuals fit for teams to better understand their athletes' capabilities. Every athlete receives a personalized performance takeaway from BreakAway Data. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s a combination of expert people + process.

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Pro staff + system
Networked solution
R & D based approach

Scouting to Coaching to Performance

Data that talks to everyone

A breakthrough athlete data platform that aggregates on and off field data to better understand athletic ability and create a personalized development plan.

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Don't go at this alone

BreakAway Performance Network

We're assembling elite teams and minds to learn and develop together. The non-competitive structure allows maximum data learnings to apply to your goals.

  • World class athletes: the network is filled with elite athletes from all over the world
  • Comprehensive team: we acces the knowledge of the crowd to answer the hard questions
  • Multifaceted data: in the world of data, sport in small - the network allows ours to grow exponentially

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The BreakAway Team

Dave Anderson


Steve Gera

Managing Partner

Kelli Sullivan

Sports Analyst

Matt Cullen

Executive Creative Director

Kevin Hisey

Director of Data Strategy & Analytics

Kim Popp

Director of Sport Science & Performance Analysis

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